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General information

Al Daien Group owned and founded by H.E Shiek Kalifa Bin Nasser Al Thani, with clear aim and plans for the future of this group which helps in generating the success and sustainability. Al Daien Group deals with Air Conditioning, Construction, Business Development and FNB. 

We at FNB are always ready to deliver services with desired quality. That is why we choose your Company to expand our Business. 


Chocolate Coffee Lounge Objective

  •  To provide the customers with quality of products to the best of interest of the customers.

  •  To create price competitive products as part of the effect to increase the world access to high quality foods.

  • To ensure a hygiene and clean working environment as to continue to produce safe and tasty products.

  • To Strive, Meet and Exceed Customer’s Satisfaction so as to ensure a sustainable business relationship.


Our Story

We are bringing you the finest chocolate from all over the European continent. All of our products are made from carefully selected high-quality cocoa beans. Our wide range of chocolates will delight all gourmets: pralines, truffles, dragees, etc.

Our “Chocolate Coffee Lounge” is located in the heart of Pearl, Aspire Park and Dafna, the most luxurious part of Doha. It is the place where you can relax and enjoy our one of a kind specialties. “Churros” dipped in chocolate will make you come back many times.

In “Chocolate Coffee Lounge” we believe in serving the best under the highest standards of quality. We collect the best beans from the world and the best intercontinental chocolate, Coffee and international food to serve you with the real taste.

We, in “Chocolate Coffee Lounge” not only believe in quality products but also in providing distinct space where customers can socialize with each other in a comfortable and relaxing state with the delight of the best chocolates, coffee and food that we serve. We provide peace of mind through great ambience, suitable location, best customer service and product of consistently high quality

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